Popular Weight Loss and Diet Pills That Work For Women and Men

Have you given up ‘experimenting’ those ineffective and harmful fad diets on your body? If yes, then trying diet pills can turn beneficial for you! Yes, not just women, even men can consider the usage of diet pills to shed the excess pounds that are failing to respond other weight loss methods.

Choose Diet pills for Weight Loss
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The usage of diet pills, is one proven way to lose, as well as control further weight gain in the future. Plus, going for a known brand will not just work effectively, however, will also help you reach a healthy weight safely! And last, but definitely, not the least, using diet pills is an affordable option, an option that is ‘pocket-friendly’ for almost every customer!

As said, going for a trusted brand is a good way to succeed, safely and quickly. However, before you pick a diet pill for yourself, you need to make sure that the product has been approved by FDA. If not, then one must simply avoid purchasing it, no matter if it claims to include natural and harm-free ingredients.

Even though, all diet pills are hyped to be effective and safe, however, blindly choosing a product that would involve your health would increase your likelihood of facing problems. Thus, go for a brand that is FDA approved, trusted, and proven to work! Below mentioned are few very known and trusted diet pills of all times.

Never to forget mentioning that the diet pills have helped many reach a healthy weight very safely and in no time.

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Garcinia CambogiaGarcinia Cambogia is a fruit known to all. The usage of this fruit increased when Dr.Oz stressed its weight loss effects in a very popular show, some years back.

Basically, the skin of Garcinia cambogia holds Hydroxycitric acid, a compound that is said to assist weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Pure includes Hydroxycitric acid in a calculated proportion, needed to encourage weight loss.

How it works:

If studies are to be believed than Hydroxycitric acid is potent enough to slow down the making of an enzyme, responsible for creating fat. Not just this, it can also encourage the making of serotonin in the body; which is said to lower food cravings.


Several studies have been conducted in the recent times to determine the efficacy of this product. On an average, studies found that the product can help lose 6-7 lbs a month.

However, there are studies that depict a different story. According to these, Hydroxycitric acid has no effects on weight.

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Side effects:

Even though, the product is not linked with any severe side effects, however, some users reported to experience minor digestive problems from its usage.

Bottom Line:

Whether or not Hydroxycitric acid can assist weight loss, is unknown till date. However, the Garcinia cambogia Pure has helped many and is counted amongst the most preferred weight loss products nowadays.



HYDROXYCUTThis weight loss product is not now in the market. Introduced some ten years back, the product holds a good share in the weight loss industry. Hydroxycut is highly recommended by fitness experts, all over the globe.


Hydroxycut includes a fusion of some very powerful ingredients known to provoke weight loss.  For example caffeine, lady’s mantle extract, etc.


According to a study, hydroxycut is powerful enough to Shed 20-22 pounds in 3 months. The product can help give you a complete body transformation in months.


Since the product includes caffeine, therefore the usage of hydroxycut by the ones with caffeine sensitivity can be troublesome. It can cause allergic reactions like irritability, nausea, tremors etc.

Bottom Line:

Despite being a product present in the market for ten long years, it lacks enough studies and researches to be backed.



CaffeineCaffeine is a substance that is supportive by intensive studies and researchers. It holds great health benefits for our body and due its weight loss effects; caffeine is commonly used in the making of diet pills.

The substance helps in revving up the basal metabolic activities of the body, which is highly favorable for weight loss. Common sources of caffeine are green tea and coffee.


According to studies, caffeine can help pace your metabolism by as much as 11%. Not just this, it can also help in intensifying the fat burning process by as much as 29%.


There are studies that suggest caffeine to be least effective in losing weight. However, others say that it is highly beneficial for all those serious about lowing some pounds.


Even though, taking caffeine in moderate amount is of no harm. However, consuming foods that are high in caffeine can result in jitteriness, nausea, anxiety and even diarrhea. Never to forget mentioning that the substance tends to be highly addicting and can greatly affect your sleep.

People willing to use caffeine to assist their weight loss goals can take it through natural sources or going for good brand that includes caffeine is also a good choice.

Bottom Line:

The substance can help amplify your metabolism and speed up the burning of body fat. However, taking it in moderate quantity is important.


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Alli PillsThe over-the-counter version of orlistat is Alli. It is a prescribed drug that is proven to facilitate weight loss.


It functions through impeding the breaking down of fat. When this happens, your body becomes restricted in taking the amount of calories from fat.


As per studies, the drug can help drop 6 to 7 pounds in a month.

Other benefits: 

Apart from its weight loss effects, orlistat has other health benefits. Example includes, it is proven to stabilize blood pressure, whilst can help lower the likelihood of contracting type 2 diseases, significantly.


It can cause a number of digestive problems such as motions, frequent gas pains etc. Not just this, it can also make your body lack some vital, fat-soluble vitamins. However, to avoid the complications associated with this very drug, one needs to stick to a low-fat diet.

Bottom Line:

Orlistat can limit your body from taking in more fat from your food. Of course, the less your body receives fat, the less it is likely to control weight. Though, it can root health-related complications, however, you can avoid these by making amendments in your diet chart!



Raspberry Ketone Plus PillsBasically, raspberry ketone tends to be a substance that is derived from raspberries. Research suggests that the substance can help you reach a healthy weight.

A product by the name Raspberry ketone plus is amongst the most considered diet pills in the recent times. As the name suggests, it includes raspberry ketones.


According to studies, the product helps in the breaking down of fat, whilst, encourages the growth of adiponectin. Adiponectin is said to assist weight loss.


The product is proven to reduce 7 to 8lbs a month. It is counted in the most effective and safe weight loss pills, available in the market nowadays.


The product is not linked with any serious side effect. However, it may change the taste of your burps.

Bottom Line:

Even though, studies suggest that the product is effective, yet, it needs extensive research to be supported.



Green Coffee ExtractsAccording to research, unroasted green coffee bean can assist weight loss.

Basically, it has two powerful ingredients that are proven to reduce weight, number one, chlorogenic acid, and number two, caffeine.


Research suggests that chlorogenic acid can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates by our body. Studies conducted on mice revealed that it can also lower fat absorption and can limit the storage of fat. When it comes to caffeine, caffeine can help intensify metabolic activities.


Several studies suggest that the product can help shed 6 to 7 pounds a month. Apart from this, green coffee bean can also regulate blood pressure and blood sugar. Plus, being a rich source of antioxidants, green coffee bean can prevent your body against foreign substances, known to make our body sick.

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Since, green coffee bean includes caffeine; therefore, the substance may cause allergic reason to ones sensitive to it. Not just this, few may be sensitive to this very ingredient, green coffee bean. Chlorogenic acid present in the product can cause diarrhea to some.

Bottom Line:

The product is proven to work for many. In fact, it is one proven and safe way to reduce weight.



Glucomannan Weight LossGlucomannan is a weight loss supplement that includes glucomannan, a water-soluble dietary fiber.

According to Dr.Oz, it can help you control hunger cravings.


Basically, glucomannan holds the potency to soak in water present in your stomach. When this happens, it forms in a gel like substance, making you feel fuller, long. While you feel fuller, you do not experience food cravings every now and then. Of course, as known, the more you eat, the more you lower your likelihood of losing weight, as excessive calories are your biggest enemy!


Several studies have been conducted to check the effectiveness of glucomannan. These revealed that if the product is used in combination with a balanced diet, then users can simply lose 9 to 10lbs a month. Apart from its weight loss effects, glucomannan can regulate blood cholesterol and blood sugar in the body. More importantly, it can ideally treat constipation.


Gas and soft tools are some common problems that users may complain, if the product is used with any oral drug. Ideally, the product should be used 30 minutes, prior to the meals.

Bottom Line:

According to the research, glucomannan can help you reach a healthy weight, if the usage is combined with a balanced diet. Not just weight, the product is also good for the overall health.



Meratrim ingredientsDespite being a new diet pill, the product is doing well in the market. It includes the extracts of two very powerful plants, proven to alter fat cell metabolic activity.


The product is said to avert the multiplication of fat cells. Not just this, it also prevents your body from absorbing more fat and fuels the fat burning process.


The product is proven to shed 11 -12 lbs in two months, however, sticking to a balanced diet is very important to achieve the desired results. Apart from its weight loss effects, meratrim is also known to hold other health benefits. For example, it can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


The product has a clean record in the weight loss market. No negative report has ever been reported against the product, till date.

Bottom Line:

Even though, meratrim is proven to trim waistline and deliver other health benefits. However, the product needs extensive research for strong backing.



Green Tea ExtractsIt is a popular dietary supplement that includes the pure extracts of green tea. Numerous studies have been conducted on green tea, every now and then.

According to these, it includes antioxidants that facilitate weight loss by intensifying the process of fat burning in the body.


The extracts of green tea are known to raise the activity of a hormone, which plays a very vital role in the torching of fat.


The product, particularly Green tea is proven to encourage weight loss. The efficacy of it is backed by a number of studies. Particularly, people willing to firm their belly can greatly benefit from green tea.

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Even though, the product does not cause any severe side effect, however it includes caffeine, which may cause an allergic reaction to the ones sensitive to it.

Bottom Line:

The product can help you shed weight safely. It fuels the fat burning process. Green tea extract is particularly favorable for the ones looking for a product that can ‘fix’ their flabby belly.



Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
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It is a known weight loss supplement that is trusted by many. Basically, conjugated licoleic acid is a trans fat that is greatly needed by our body.

Apart from other health benefits it holds, CLA encourages the breaking down of fat.


The product encourages the breaking down of fat in the body, which is highly favorable for weight loss. Besides, it also helps to curb hunger which limits the consumption of calories. Plus, it expedites metabolic activities for fast and regular burning of calories.


There are studies that suggest that the product can assist weight loss and can help you reduce 4-5 pounds a month.


The product can cause digestive problems.

Bottom Line:

Despite being effective, the product is not recommended for a long term usage.



Coleus Forskohlii ExtractsForskolin is a trusted diet pill that includes forskolin, a powerful plant extract. Many suggest that the plant extract can assist weight loss very effectively.


The product or forskolin is known to increase the concentration of cAMP, a compound present in our cells.

This results in encouraging the torching of fat.


According to some studies, the product can lower the fat percentage of the body and can raise muscle mass.


Whether or not the product possesses side effects is yet to be known, however it has worked safely for thousands who have tried it.

Bottom Line:

Even though, it has proven to be effective, yet it needs good amount of research in the field of effectiveness and more importantly, side effects.



ephedrine Diet pillsThe product includes synephrine, a compound that is commonly used in weight loss products, for its powers to reduce weight.


The product is said to curb hunger and increase the fat torching process.


The product is said to cut weight. However, it lacks studies that can support the claims of its manufacturers.


The product has side effects. It can affect the health of your heart and can be addicting.

Bottom Line:

The product can help you lose weight for a short period of time. But since the product possess side effects; therefore, one must simply avoid taking higher doses, for longer period of time.



So, these are some weight loss pills that are known and proven to assist weight loss. Hope you get the one that best matches your needs!

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