Fat Loss for Women

How can women lose body fat quickly? Checkout the reviews and tips on Fat Loss for Women.

Fat Loss for Women is becoming a trending topic around the world.

Work from home has made some women go crazy over their weight, it’s not about diet pills advertisement but to ensure that without the weight loss products fat loss for women is now possible.

Asking what is the health percentage of body fat for most women wouldn’t be direct because of so many shapes and sizes.

But on a healthy scale, a female body should have 25-31% body fat which again depends on many factors. Some women are athletic which is the case where body fat percentage is quite less.

While the American Council on Exercise suggests the ideal percentage should be 25-31% but from athletes’ point of view it ranges between 14-20.

Causes of Weight or Fat Gain in Women

Some very promising reasons why women gain so much weight are:

  • Pregnancy

It’s the first on the list, every female who’s been through pregnancy experience more body fat gain. It’s certainly not possible for new mothers to exercise daily or even sleep at perfect timings. The reason their diet is also deviated towards the carbs due to the lactation is what makes them gain more weight.

  • Metabolic Rate

According to biology, females have more body fat and less amount of muscle than males. This is due to the metabolic rate or speed which determines the overall caloric burn. According to Diabetes Educator Dawn Noe RD, LD, CDE “Metabolic rate is determined by the muscle mass which women have lesser than male, so the fat burning process always gets carried away slowly.

  • Menopause

Women at the stage of menopause gain more weight due to the hormonal imbalance. Some women develop belly fat in the shape of a potbelly.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

In normal females having their regular menstrual cycle, PCOS causes the hormonal imbalance which leads to menstrual abnormalities that causes them to gain weight. Only 5-10% of women have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

How Long Does It Take for Women to Lose Body Fat?

This statement has been given by so many certified physicians and personal trainers “Nobody changes at the same speed, it all depends upon the hormones, body shape and also genetics”.

Everyone can’t assess how many body fats they have lost, generally, women should expect to lose 0.5-1% body fat per week IF the strict diet is involved especially. A

According to Dr.Jey, Female hormones play a major part in consuming the stored calories for fuel.

At first, the female body experiences no fat burning situation since they are at the earlier stage of the training routine. Sticking to the normal diet and exercise plan is important.

Certified Personal trainer Rob Jackson also advise his female clients not to expect the fat loss to be a steady and continuous process.

There will be ups and downs which is normal, you can lose weight at different times of the month.

This is why taking photos will further polish your analysis and measurements more accurately.

Is Fat Loss for Women is Different Than Fat Loss for Men?

Carol Michaels, personal trainer, and fitness experts give the perfect answer.

Yes, men lose weight faster than women because of the presence of testosterone hormone. This hormone is an excellent fat burner which is found only in a limited amount in women.

Females must exercise to shed more calories and they also need to be on intermittent fasting.

However, menstrual cycle plays a big part in making you fat because of the extra water retention happens during it that leads to bloating and temporary weight gain.

Female appetite or cravings are at the peak this time so allow yourself to use only a small portion of starch and sugar.

Best 4 Ways for Fat Loss for Women

fat loss diets for women

These ultimate four techniques will maximize the physiological and psychological power in women which will maximize the fat loss efforts.

  • Arrange Daily Training Sessions

As women’s fat loss takes a bit more time because of the lack of lean muscle mass, the result sometimes leads to extra caloric intake during rest. Women also lose the lean mass at a faster rate as they age.

Resistance training is what proven to increase the production of lean mass in both men and women. As we mentioned the resting period might end up in caloric expenditure but overall resistant training sessions for women improve fat loss. Females should focus on the large muscle group during exercise which stores the most fat. Exercises that utilize the large muscles must be repeated 8-12 times. This way the body increases the amount of calorie-burning muscle.

  • High-Intensity Interval Training

Forget the low-intensity fat burning exercises which were hyped as aerobic exercise to perform fat loss for a woman. Some hidden truths describe the other side of the story.

High-Intensity Exercises for females increases the heart rate above 70%, this is the moment where glycogen is used as fuel due to the higher heart rate. However, when the exercise ends the body at a higher pace uses the oxygen, this way the body again burns more calories even at rest.

To perform the high-intensity exercise without any trouble, try to put “Intervals” in high-intensity exercises in which rest are recommended. This will elevate the physiology aspect of fat loss, the great example of this is spring on a treadmill for 30 seconds and then walk for 60 seconds, repeat this 12 times.

  • Starving Yourself is a Bad Idea

Diet plans are running a multi-million-dollar industry in the US alone which offers solutions to many health problems. Fat Gain in Women is one of them and so far much caloric deficit diets claim their statements to be effective in fat loss. A woman’s body does not encourage the prolonged starvation period after which the lean muscle mass is also decreased significantly.  The body tricks itself thinking there are limited calories so it targets the lean muscles which are generally enemy to the fat cells.

Ketogenic diet in this regard is the most effective and implantable diet plan for females who wants to lose weight. The diet plan composed of high fat, moderate protein, and low carbs intake diets which leads to quicker fat loss. The nutritional approach in many diets is inconsistent and running unparalleled with the health status of a female. It is recommending to pick a diet for fat loss for women which establishes a connection between the body and the mind.

  • Do Not Trust the Scale

Weight scale only tells you the overall weight and it does not discriminate fat cells to lean muscle in your body. Women need to in a state where they should be focusing on the ratio of fat to muscle, it is the muscle that forms the body structure and promotes the metabolic mechanism.

Scale weight may fluctuate for women during their menstrual cycle (Due to the extra water retention). Also, the tissues of the muscles are much dense and weigh more than fat cells, so if you’re looking at large scale numbers know that it majorly has muscle mass.

Best Workouts for Female Fat Loss

Fat Loss for Women is possible under the well-planned and challenging weight training session which plays as the most effective tool.

Fat loss workout for women

There is plenty of compound exercises for females like squats or deadlifts which incredibly pays the best results and causes the density of lean muscle mass.

Women usually need higher rep ranges because some of them cannot output as much power per rep.

Unless as a woman you are training for a sports event, it is wise to explore a different set of exercises which emerges the strength and toning sessions.

This will be good for an average female fat loss.

  1. Steady and Continuous Cardio: Running, cycling, swimming for 30-40 minutes.
  2. Interval Cardio: 90 Seconds Running followed by 60 seconds of Slow, can be repeated 10 times on a treadmill. S
  3. High-Intensity Interval Training: Circuit based class or Tabata training helps in this regard.
  4. Resistance Training: Squats, bench press, leg press, other exercises planned for you by your fitness expert.

Fat loss for women is easy when you are on a perfect diet plan.

It is impossible to tell which diet plan will suit your body for sure and gives immediate effects. Because most diet plans take some time for the effect like fat loss, the ketogenic diet is an effective method which starts to provide result in 2nd week.

Whatever efforts you have in mind, as a woman learning the high-intensity training exercise is essential especially when you want to preserve the lean mass and promote an ultimate fat loss.


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