Instant Knockout vs Trimtone Comparison Review

Discover the detailed information and Comparison Review on Instant Knockout vs Trimtone fat burner for women.

Instant Knockout vs Trimtone – Best Fat Burner for Women 2020

There are two types of fat burners for women:

  1. Fat Burners that Work
  2. Fat Burners that Don’t! 

Both Instant Knockout and Trimtone are amongst the best fat burner a woman can use to cut down her fat reservoir, looking at the pros of both fat burners will make you understand which one should you buy and this is what the point of this entire article. 

The Need for Best Fat Burner for Women in 2020

Women’s belly expansion is considered the outcome of getting older, according to

Some females found this problem associated with their menopause issues where the body fat shifts to the abdomen. 

Females who can’t fit into their jeans are now searching for the best fat burners women could use. This leads them to the two types of fat burners.

Instant Knockout vs Trimtone

Instant Knockout is the typical kind of fat burner that was mainly designed for hard working athletes.

The company called “Roar Ambition” is behind this product which is currently dealing with other innovative types of fat burners.

Instant Knockout is the brother supplement for 4 Gauge which Roar Ambition makes for pre-workout purposes. 

The reason why Instant Knockout came into such hype is when females started using it for weight loss.

This made it a popular hit online! 


Trimtone as in female concerns is the best for losing weight, these diet pills were only designed for females who can’t keep up controlling their hunger and weight gain.

Trimtone natural fat burner for women

It is the only fat burner in the market of 2020 which offers a once-and-for-all approach to females from the elements of nature. 

Exercise is the easiest way for females to lose weight, fat burners like Trimtone only takes it parts where the need for energy and motivations are needed.

Additionally, it reduces the belly fat accumulation which is a kind of something we don’t want to ignore. 

Females are reportedly having benefits like appetite reduction, immense energy levels, and total weight loss. 

Ingredients Speculation for Women’s Best Fat Burning Pills

Instant Knockout contains a variety of ingredients each of which involves weight loss somehow.

These ingredients are:

  • Caffeine (300mg): Available in anhydrous means dried form which promotes physical and mental energy. Caffeine is a powerful fat burning agent when given in ideal doses but it can also be dangerous in some conditions where heart and kidneys diseases are involved. 
  • Cayenne Pepper: In many cultures, the use of Pepper for weight loss is common. Cayenne pepper is one of the notorious fat burning spices there is which provides a substantial amount of fat oxidation and energy boost. 
  • Glucomannan: Glucomannan is the common appetite suppressant which in some studies referred to as “Konjac Root”. This enables the enhanced satiety level that encourages users to eat less.
  • Green Tea Extract: Noticeably beneficial while losing weight, the bunch of polyphenols and antioxidants you can get from green tea extract is second to none. 
  • Vitamin B6 (5mg): Each dose of Instant Knockout gives you an energy enhancement in the form of Vitamin B6. This will enable the fat metabolism and oxidation process dedicated to cut down the major fat areas in the body. 

The ingredients of Trimtone are very close to Instant Knockout but they differ in the following aspects.

Top ingredients in fat burners for women

Dosage: Each ingredient in Trimtone is available in a higher dosage than what you can find in the Instant Knockout. 

They have a newly introduced fat burning agent called Grains of Paradise. Besides this, the presence of Caffeine, Glucomannan, Cayenne Pepper, and multivitamins makes it almost like what you can find in Instant Knockout. 

Grains of Paradise is the new creation by Trimtone diet pill for women which belongs to Ginger Family.

Grains of paradise is known to cut down BAT’s which stands for Brown Adipose Tissues in females.

These are the stubborn fat forming cells which with the effect of Trimtome significantly reduced in number.

The secret of Grains of Paradise involves the process of thermogenesis which destroys the BAT’s at the first attempt. 

Studies have shown Trimtone is found beneficial in maintaining blood sugar levels and it keeps the energy levels high regardless of how much work you have done the entire day. 

Instant Knockout & Trimtone Serving

This is something matters to women who want to lose weight rapidly.

Taking 4 capsules of Instant Knockout per day is the recommendation by the company. For a moment, if you think about the additives that you are swallowing in a form of 4 capsules.

This is a sort of heap amount of stimulants in your system which encourages the low caloric diet but also puts a lot of pressure on other parts of the body. 

Trimtone serving is ideal in this scenario, only one capsule is taken at the morning to run the whole day smoothly.

Trimtone is the easy-to-take formula for females which supplies a bunch of ingredients in a single dosage form. 

Which Fat Burner for Women Has Side Effects?

Do you lose body fat when you lose weight?

Both Trimtone and Instant Knockout formula are designed without the chemicals hence no chances for the side effects. 

Considering the amount of caffeine, you take while consuming Instant Knockout, it certainly goes beyond the limits provided by the US Department of Agriculture that says below 400 mg of caffeine is a safe amount.

This makes Instant Knockout safe because of 300 mg of caffeine available in 4 servings together but there is a risk to females though. 

Women are more allergic and prone to the reaction caused by extra caffeine intake, make sure you are not having a cup of coffee if you are already on Instant Knockout weight loss regimen. 

Trimtone has no dangerous types of caffeine and available in minor dosages.

Most of Trimtone formula relies on other natural ingredients rather than pushing caffeine for physical and mental exertion. 

Instant Knockout vs Trimtone Comparison Results

In the product’s image arena, Trimtone may be a new product but Instant Knockout has been in the market for years.

IK wins at this. 

The list of ingredients area is clearly won by Trimtone, because of low caffeine content and additional ingredient included i.e. Grains of Paradise. 

Serving Size is once again won by Trimtone, it’s easy to take and unlike Instant Knockout users are required to take one capsule daily. 

Comparing the side effects of Instant Knockout to Trimtone’s, female customers will find IK with more unwanted and hazardous side effects. 

Why Trimtone Is Better Than Instant Knockout?
Weight Loss Tips for Women - How to Lose Weight

Besides ingredients, servings, and public reviews, here are some factors that make Trimtone a better fat burner for women than Instant Knockout. 

  • Trimtone comes with an APPLICABLE money-back guarantee where customers can get their refund by simply returning the supplements. The details are mentioned on the official website of Trimtone. 
  • There are no delivery charges if you order Trimtone online. The savings come from cutting shipping and handling costs could be useful for females. 
  • Trimtone ingredients are far BETTER, SUPERIOR, and EFFECTIVE than what we have in Instant Knockout. The end results or benefits make sure users haven’t faced any problems while she was on this diet. 
  • Trimtone offers not just a singular package for females but it comes in different packages at different prices/costs. Bigger the packages, bigger will be the discounts, some packages are even coming with additional free bottles.

Final Verdict – Trimtone All the Way! 

Best fat burner for women 2020 has many types and we strictly discussed the one that works!

Trimtone vs Instant Knockout, the battle for the best fat burner for women in 2020, Trimtone has many reasons to be the winner that are mentioned above. 

These are the best fat burners for belly fat which women take very seriously. Speaking of flab in the arms, legs, and waistline, the perfect natural combination of Glucomannan and Green Coffee with newly introduced ingredients like grains of paradise is only approached by the Trimtone formula. 

The official web of both Instant Knockout and Trimtone are the sources you should purchase them from.

Buy Weight Loss Pills for Women

Any source which claims to sell Trimtone at Amazon, GNC, or Walmart is simply dealing with the scam that you don’t want in your life. 

At the end of Lockdown, females around the world are ready to go at work without a protruding belly, best fat burners for women are the natural solution that keeps your sugar and cholesterol regulated while performing a hell of a ride on the stubborn fat.

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