How to Lose Belly Fat for Women

How to lose belly fat for women easily and effectively at home?

Still searching for the effective ways to Lose Belly Fat for Women? Let’s discover the Easy Steps to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat!

It’s not about good-looks only but pot belly or large waistline is associated with many heart-related diseases.

Some typical and inevitable diseases such as cancer or diabetes can reduce to 0 if you manage to lose belly fat.

Lowering belly size has also a thing or two do with improving sleep quality and blood vessels for wide-open blood supply.

Why You Have a Big Belly?

Reasons for belly fats are many, but these 3 reasons are mostly found when you see somehow asking how to lose belly fat.

  • Trans Fat

Ever heard of antioxidants supplies the positive reinforcement to the immune system? Well, Trans Fats are exactly the opposite which is the main reason why men and women get a bigger waistline. Trans Fat is not only capable of harming your body organs but it transports the fats from one part of the body to the belly region, the one where you get noticed mostly. [study]

A study on Trans Fat effects was done on monkeys by Wake Forest University in which it as observed that “Monkeys who were fed 8% trans-fat diet had 33% more belly fat than monkeys who were given a monosaturated fat diet with the same percentage”.

  • Stress is the Enemy of Your Belly

Taking too much stress raises the level of Cortisol in the blood which triggers the insulin release. This basically initiates the fight or flight response which then compromises the digestive processings. This way a person starts feeling extreme hunger which is the root of the belly fat.

  • Alcohol

If you heard of a beer belly, then watch Thor in Avengers End-Game!

After excessive alcohol intake, the body converts this alcohol to acetate which gets stored in the body. This acetate provides energy for an extended period, meanwhile, the carbs, proteins, and fats in your body roam around and eventually converted into belly fat.

After getting drunk, eating a lite meal has never been the case. You will destroy those big mac n cheese and kebabs which again is an excessive fat stored.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast? [Explained]

how to lose stubborn belly fat

It’s not every day you see the effective tips about losing belly fats. Here they are:

  • Completely Avoid Sugar and Carbonated Beverages

Foods with an extra amount of sugar are bad for your health and why won’t it be, after all, sugar is counted as the most addictive compound in the world, addictive than cocaine! [study]

Studies have shown us that sugar has many negative impacts on metabolic health. Eating excessive sugar yields to a large amount of fructose which is the type of sugar build around the liver and abdominal muscles. In our daily sugar intake, we take about 50% of glucose and 50% of fructose which is then converted into fats.

  • Eat Protein-Rich Diet

There are micro and macro-nutrients for the body and protein is the essential macronutrient. Intake of protein can reduce the hunger pangs by 60% and raise the metabolic speed by 80 calories per day. Weight loss demands the addition of a protein-base diet in your schedule to avoid weight gain and keep the metabolism on go.

Proteins are effective in losing belly fat, this has been elucidated by many studies where subjects on high protein diet managed to lose belly fat successfully.

  • Limit the Carbohydrates

Eating the fewer amount of carbs is effective for weight loss, studies have shown limiting consumption of carbohydrates leads to appetite suppression and then weight loss.

In comparison with a low-fat diet, low carbs diet easily 2-3 times more effective in obliterating belly fat. Eating too much carb is the root of stored and rotten fats in our body and its depletion could have negative effects at first like extreme cravings but many users have managed to overcome to see themselves transformed.

The low-carb diet also leads to the reduction of water retention in the muscles due to which people see the results within 2-3 days.

In short, eating a low carb diet reduces abdominal fats and also reduce the fat covering around body organs.

  • Eat Too Many Fibers

Dietary fibers do not really pass out from the stomach any time soon, and that’s the magic.

Eating fiber-rich foods will mask hunger efficiently which is considered the major part of losing belly fat. It seems that most types of fibers such as soluble fibers have a positive effect on our weight which binds with the water and form a thick gel in the gut.

This thick gel-like structure stays there for a while which slows down the movement of the food. This will also slow down the absorption of carbs and fats from the food, usually, you will feel no hunger pangs and completely normal.

Speaking from a medicinal point of view, adding 14 grams of fiber to your diet per day can decrease the calorie intake by about 15% and takes part in a weight reduction of around 2 kg in 2 months. Another study on the role of fiber in belly fat loss concluded that eating 10 grams of soluble fiber per day is linked to a 4% reduction of abdominal fats.

The best way to get fiber-rich food is to eat a lot of plant foods like fruits and vegetables. Cereals, oatmeals, and legumes are a good source of fibers to reduce harmful belly fat.

  • Regular Exercise

Physical exercise is beneficial against belly fat as well as multiple diseases that occur with age. One of the amazing health benefits of regular exercise is the significant reduction of belly fat.

Doing belly fat reduction exercises is not only the answer here as it may sound tough but 6 weeks of training the abdominal muscles have no assessable results on a person’s waistline. This gets you to the cardiovascular exercise and typical weight training which burns fat across the body. [study]

One of the blunt ways is aerobic exercise like swimming, walking or running which have remarkable effects on belly fat. Exercise is the weapon which provides you protection against belly fat even after losing weight, regular exercise keeps your weight under an ideal range and your body in a good shape.

Furthermore, exercise is related to reducing inflammation and blood sugar levels which is why a person does exercise for.

  • Always Keep Your Food Track

Always eat those things which your body needs, not that your body wants!

For a person to become thin from the waistline, it is important to track the food intake whether its low carb or high-fat diet. You don’t have to track every inch of weight and measure the nutrients of the food one by one, simply noting the days where you consume high-carbs meals is mandatory so you could consider eating low-carbs the very next day.

Planning for the future will help you lose weight, you could also boost the protein intake by 30% which will automatically cut down the unhealthy carbs.

Foods Not to Eat to Lose Belly Fat

foods to avoid to lose belly fat

These are the food items both males and females shouldn’t add to their meal plans.

  1. Processed Foods: These contain a heavy number of calories, fats, and sugars which combined in a belly. Processed foods and nutritionally not good although they do taste great which means it would be a little hard at first to get rid of them.
  2. Foods cause Inflammation: These are the sugary food items that your body craves for every day. Some sugary foods or beverages causes the stomach burn and signals the body to go under anti-inflammatory mode where it begins to store as much fat as it can.
  3. Alcohol: Never cross more than a glass of alcohol per day, a guideline to prevent your body from Hypertension. Alcohol breakdown in every person happens differently, the energy levels are quickly elevated and the remaining fats are stored in the belly.
  4. Beware of Dressings: Sauces on dressings are the rich source for hidden calories that adds flavors to your good but also give you a fat belly. Try to use food flavors with calorie-free herbs and spices.

How to Lose Belly Fat? [Final Verdict]

When you think about it rationally, losing belly fat isn’t so easy, yet it is not so much difficult too.

You only have to eliminate the reasons for having belly fat and stick with the food which ends them. Physical exercise plays a major part but at the end of the day, it’s mostly about dietary selections.

Sugar, processed foods, alcohol, and stress are the stimulators of belly fat. Try to compensate them with the healthy items.

Use diet pills that suit your body and available from the right source.

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